About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of Pro-Pipe Service & Sales Ltd is to be a leading OCTG supply company in Canada, with the highest standard of professionalism.

Mission Statement

Pro-Pipe Service and Sales Ltd mission is to enhance shareholder value through the profitable sale of high quality Oilfield Country Tubular Goods and accessories.

We aspire to deal fairly with our customers, vendors and employees while being a good citizen to our communities.

Our aim is to achieve growth in sales and profits through expansion of our product offerings while maintaining competitive pricing on those products for our customers.

Pro-Pipe is committed to meeting and or exceeding our customer's expectations!


Tubular / Casing Inspection Services

  • Vedaq Scan II – Transverse / Continuous Wall Inspection
  • Roll-by Inspection
  • Visual Thread / SEA
  • Full Length Drift

Tubular / Casing Repair Services

  • Tubular and Casing Thread Repairs
  • Tubular and Casing Couplings Repairs
  • Tubular and Casing Straightening

Drill Pipe / Downhole Tools

  • Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Mechanical Gauging
  • De-magnetize
  • Ultra Sonics
  • All Thickness
  • EMI – Drill Pipe
  • Bottom Hole Assembly
  • BSL – Refacer


Tubulars – New and Reconditioned

  • Pup Joints
  • Couplings
  • PSN
  • PIN / Coupling Protectors

Tubular Rentals

  • Frac Strings – L80
  • Work Over Strings

Sucker Rods – New and Reconditioned

  • Scrappering
  • Pony Rods
  • Couplings
  • Sinker Bars

Surface / Production Casing

  • Float Equipment
  • Marker Joints
  • Couplings (Directive 10)
  • Pin / Coupling Protectors

Speciality products

Prime Coating Systems Ltd. - MAC100Cc MAC200Wc

I. Prime Coating Systems Ltd.

  • Mac Series of Internally Coated Tubulars
  • No ID Restriction
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Complete Protection of Tubing String –
    Includes Threads and Coupling
  • CO2 Injection, Disposal and H2S Producing Wells
  • Relationship: Distributor

II. Enhanced Recovery Services Inc.

Enhanced Recovery Services Inc. has developed a new, "fit-for purpose" system, which has been specifically designed to address dewatering issues. Based on well proven electrical submersible, progressive cavity pump technology, these systems have been extensively tested to confirm their operational reliability. Due to their low power demand, these systems can be powered by renewable energy sources (solar &/ or wind) or TEG systems using a extremely small amount of produced gas, for application at remote sites. At those sites which have electrical grid power available, then an AC / DC converter is provided to power the pump system.
Relationship: Distributor

III. Specialty Wire and Cable

Specialty Wire and Cable provides the highest quality solutions for interconnect needs – from the very standard to the most custom, through our innovation, competence, technical resources and commitment to meeting new challenges. We specialize in all cable and wire manufacturing of all types.
Relationship: Distributor

IV. Custom Manufactured

Oil Storage Tanks in various sizes.


Contact Us

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